Simbambili introduces new levels of luxury

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Africa, Safari, Travel

Simbambili Game Lodge, part of the Thornybush Collection, is undergoing an extensive refurbishment set to be completed by mid-June.


One of the highlights of the refurbishment is the introduction of a new Wellness Centre. This upgraded facility will replace the former spa and feature two opulent treatment rooms, a modern gym, and a cosy library space. Guests can also look forward to enjoying the outdoor deck and swimming pool. This revamped area will also double up as a dining venue, featuring a deck adorned with a weather-resistant pergola.


Simbambili is well known for its intimate atmosphere, outstanding hospitality, and luxurious charm. Following the success of our wellness-focused safari experiences at Thornybush Game Lodge and Saseka Tented Camp within the Thornybush Nature Reserve, Simbambili is now transforming, enriching its safari experience with new amenities that complement the offerings of its sister lodges.


Thornybush has purposefully adapted to changing trends, catering for evolving guest demands to ensure continued relevance and appeal. This year, they aim to challenge seasonality by attracting guests throughout various times of the year, thereby reducing the impact of seasonal fluctuations on occupancy rates and revenue. Integrating wellness facilities or adventure activities alongside traditional safari experiences could appeal to different demographics, including families, couples, and solo travellers.