New lodge set to open in Uganda’s Kibale Forest

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Travel, uganda

Volcanoes Safaris, the pioneer of gorilla and chimpanzee ecotourism in Uganda and Rwanda since 1997, will open Kibale Lodge in Uganda on July 1, its fifth lodge in Africa.


Situated a 30-minute drive from Kibale Forest, the lodge sits on a ridge with views of the Rwenzori Mountains looking towards the west, and the Queen Elizabeth National Park’s plains and the Kazinga channel to the south. The lodge is in the heartland of the old Batoro kingdom and the area of the historical medieval Bachwezi kingdom.


Kibale Lodge will comprise eight bandas, plus a spa and pool. Four bandas will open in July and four more by the end of the year.


Kibale Lodge is an hour’s drive from the historic hill town of Fort Portal and an hour from the Kasese airstrip, from which there are daily flights to and from Entebbe, and to Volcanoes Safaris’ four other lodges.